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Our Favourite Restaurants

The unique place


Lose yourself in the buzz of a classic grand café and let yourself be spoiled by our first-rate staff. While history promenades along Národní Třída, Cafe Louvre remains an island of noisy tranquility, a place with a unique atmosphere and traditional menu.


Brazilian Resturant  With a Taste of Fire



Try charcoal-grilled beef, appetizers according to a Rio de Janeiro recipe, sushi or salads. Eat as much as you can fit. For lunch and dinner.


A Taste Inspired by the Heart

Maitrea restaurant is located in a magical alley of Týnská, right by the heart of Prague, the Old Town Square. Since the year 2009, our international team is dedicated to exploring tastes inspired by the heart. We believe that life is fueled by a passion for development and curiosity about its infinite possibilities. This philosophy for life is our signature, clear in the vegetarian cuisine and in symbiosis with the entire space. The interior is designed in the style of Feng Shui, either as a pleasant backdrop to your evening or as an experience of its own.




With its location in the historic part of the center of Prague and its calm atmosphere in the style of a French restaurant, the Bakeshop cafe and bistro is an ideal place for (not only) a working lunch or breakfast. In the morning, we will be happy to prepare for you, for example, scrambled or poached eggs or an omelette, and in the afternoon, soup with garlic and herb croutons or a sandwich with marinated turkey breast.


Good food served on wooden skewers


We have this space available where we want to open a restaurant with an original concept. No menu, simply good food served on wooden skewers and great drinks.” That’s the task that not only architects from studio CollColl who designed the interior, but also the entire team behind Špejle had to tackle. Stop by and see how it turned out.

Our food

Let your eyes and mood do the choosing. Our selection is divided into three categories: warm, cold, and sweet. We are truly obsessed with wooden skewers, so you’ll find them in every portion. In the place of a standard menu, you’ll find a buffet full of fresh open-faced sandwiches and canapés.

Our drink menu includes homemade lemonades, cocktails, specialty beers, and a carefully selected assortment of wine, sparkling wine, and champagne. Not even excellently prepared coffee is missing. Our pride and joy is one of the largest selections of Gin & Tonic flavors in Prague.


Beautiful food in a lovely setting


The carbonara was gorgeous, and the pancakes with chocolate & strawberries were delicious. Staff were lovely and the whole vibe of the place was very nice. We would definitely recommend this to anyone as a fab breakfast or lunch spot.

Kampa Cafe.jpeg

Asian Fusion


Enjoy yourself in the Public Chilli restaurant, a stylish establishment located in the center of Prague offering a sophisticated and modern interpretation of the best Asian cuisine, bringing authentic flavors of the East. Our goal is to present these authentic flavors with respect for traditions. Natalie Šnicerová, born Trinh Ha, showed Prague what authentic Asian cuisine tasted like many years ago. She then took a break, traveled the world, visited Japan, Singapore, China and the US, where she explored different cultures and tastes of our beautiful planet.

Public Chilli.jpeg

You can find our chocolate shop and cafe in the wonderful historic center of Prague, in the Old Town, in the building near the Červená čídel, right next to Bethlehem Square and within sight of the Royal Road. We prepare more than 50 types of hot chocolate from all over the world for you every day, we make chocolate bars, nut creams, we bake cakes, French macaroons and cookies, we roast coffee. We care about the highest quality and a beautiful environment, thanks to which you will feel like you are in a chocolate fairy tale with us, in the former museum of historical postcards.

Choco cafe.jpg

Unique Czech bistro


Prague Bistro Moderne-this is what you can expect from Next Door by Imperial. A restaurant with speedy service, excellent cuisine and an atmosphere that is truly for everyone

Italy hidden in Prague


Restaurant Divinis presents Italian food in its best form and rightly ranks among the best in Prague. Although no Italians work for us, we are an Italian restaurant with everything - we turn simple ingredients into something spectacular.


Fine Dining


In the Field we are not afraid of letting things take their course. In the stubborn cooking of Chef Radek Kašpárek, under the infinitely variable ceiling, everything can manifest in its raw, non-beautified form. The seasonal menus do not hide their natural origin – and sometimes literally the return to the roots. The field is essential. Everything else is open


Eat well on the bank of the river!


A taxi ride away - but worth it!

The restaurant (part of a yacht club) is beautifully situated on the bank of the river Vltava. The big, separate, room we had for ourselves has a terrace with a perfect view of the river. We had 40 guests for a birthday party and they all loved it! Good food (not really typical Czech, so much better), good and friendly service despite the large number of guests in our large family group. Excellent wines too.
Highly recommended for anyone loving water views and wonderful food.


Discover the essence of Czech cuisine at Kolkovna, where tradition meets modernity in a vibrant dining experience. Indulge in our renowned Pilsner Urquell tank beer, expertly poured for your enjoyment. Explore a menu brimming with classic Czech dishes such as Svíčková na smetaně, Guláš, and Roast Duck, each bursting with authentic flavors.

Immerse yourself in the warm and inviting atmosphere of our restaurants, where hospitality and quality meet to create unforgettable dining moments. Whether you're a connoisseur of Czech cuisine or a curious food enthusiast, Kolkovna welcomes you to savor the best of what traditional Czech gastronomy has to offer.


Bearable Lightness of Health


Clear Head is located in a house just steps away from the Charles Bridge with a proud tradition of over 500 years in shaping local history. We have been expounding the local vegetarian cuisine since 2005 and since then, our international team dedicates every day to making health the side effect of joyful visits and delicious food. The interior is carefully curated with art and design of Czech artists and our friends, your food complemented with a selection of fresh juices, wine, and few special treats. 

You may sit under the stars or in a private saloon filled with flowers, each of our rooms a unique experience reflecting different aspects of nature. Whether for a business lunch, romantic dinner, or a family celebration, we at Clear Head will make sure your experience with us is as magical as the stories on our walls.

Lehka Hlava.jpg
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